About the smoked spread cheese

About the smoked spread cheeseSpecial technology and natural method of smoking are used for the production of smoked spread cheese. JoSi smoked spread cheese is a unique, well-known and favourite diary product with a golden medal from the 23rd International fair of consumer goods and technology – Plovdiv, 5-10th of May 2003.

About the spread cheese

About the spread cheeseThe first spread cheese was made by a mere chance. In 1879 in Switzerland an alchemist dropped diphosphate during an experiment and … the spread cheese was formed. In Bulgaria its production started around 1954 in Sofia and its mass production since the ‘70s in plants in Sofia, Kazanlak and Pavlikeni.

History of Mozzarella

History of MozzarellaThis fresh and soft cheese, traditionally made of buffalo’s milk, is associated with Southern Italy and the Campania region. First records of Mozzarella date ХІІ century and they say that the monks from the „San Lorenzo” monastery near Capua, Italy, feasted the passing pilgrims with bread and mozza or in other words - with bread and cheese. The more intimate and sophisticated name of “mozzarella” is met for the first time in the notes of the pope’s..

History of Bulgarian yellow cheese

History of Bulgarian yellow cheeseYellow cheese as well as cheese is a very old product and there are legends around how it originated at first. It is deemed that it was transported in moulds by Vlachs hung on horse saddles and it ripened during the journey. Another theory says that a Jewish woman bought from the market fresh cheese which was already slightly sour. She decided to fix it and put it into a bowl on the fire for a while. The cheese turned into a dough, which she salted and got a new type of cheese, delicious and durable.

History of Bulgarian white brined cheese

History of Bulgarian white brined cheeseWhite brined cheese is one of the typical Bulgarian food products and an unchanging part of our menu since old times. The ancient word for cheese in the Slavonic languages means „raw“, and a possible reason for this is that raw milk was used in the past to prepare cheese. History tells that even khan Asparuh’s cavalry carried milk in leather skins over horse saddles and thus, somewhere, by accident the carried milk turned into cheese by the end of the journey.

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