History of JoSi Production

Production We use our own recipes in JoSi Ltd. We buy milk from first-class farms and deliver it to our production base via special transport vehicles at constant temperature of 6°С. We do NOT use powdered milk and vegetable fats and our products ripen until they achieve the excellent taste and in accordance with the established standards. Thus, with every step we can guarantee quality and an original product.

Our capacity is 50 tons of raw milk per day. We do not skim it. We have our own laboratory with high-technology equipment and certified for tests of milk and diary products as per BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2001. Our specialists have over 20 years of experience in the sphere and perform daily tests on the physical-chemical and microbiological indicators aiming in the first place at the safety of products also set in Regulations 2073/2005.

Production is monitored by competent experts and the design of the departments is per the requirements of the National and European regulations for production of safe and qualitative dairy products. The production area is divided conditionally into the following departments: department ''White brined cheese'', department "Bulgarian yellow cheese", department ''Spread cheese'', department "Ultrafiltration and reverse osmose, curd", department "Cheese type Mozzarella". All technology lines are equipped with systems for quality monitoring.

JoSi Ltd manufactures also products under foreign brands. Currently these are ARO, HOREKA, FF and LAKTIVA brands.

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